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Finally, some time off…

After yesterday’s events, we decided to sleep in this morning. That means we both woke up around 7:30, went to the bathroom, and promptly returned to bed and slept a couple more hours. When we finally decided to go outside, it was already 1:00. We made our way down Santa Cruz Avenue into a part of Menlo Park that resembles downtown Davis or downtown Palo Alto. Lots of small shops, cafes, and high pedestrian activity. We settled on a place called LeBoulanger for lunch–it’s a combination bakery, coffee shop, and sandwich shop, and has prize-winning sourdough bread. I had the Classico sandwich, and Jen had a carrot cake muffin and fresh fruit. They also have a special: if you buy one of their signature desserts, you get a free coffee, latte, or mocha. I topped off lunch with a brownie that was dense but dry, and a latte. We also bought a loaf of ciabatta bread to go with tonight’s dinner. Mmmmmm, I love bread.

We also took some time to scout out the local Target store, which is a few miles down the road in Redwood City. There were a few items that we weren’t able to fit in the car–towels, antibacterial soap for me, a laundry basket, etc. Of course, we couldn’t pass up the prices on cereal. For those who don’t already know, Target has the best cereal prices, and quite a selection. I stocked up on Grape Nuts. Then we returned to the cottage for an afternoon/evening of much-needed R&R. Here are a few pictures of where we’re staying.

The guest house and rear lawn area:
guest house and rear lawn area
The pool and patio, perfect for the entertaining we won’t be doing!
pool and patio

Seriously, we couldn’t ask for a nicer place to stay during this time. Our hosts are incredibly gracious, and we are blessed. Not just to stay here, but that the bathroom is so much bigger than ours at home! No more hitting our knees on the cabinets while sitting on the toilet!


4 Responses

  1. wow! that place is beautiful! when’s the pool party?…kidding.

    thanks for the pic’s and update-i love to know what’s going on. 🙂 when i put jack to bed tonight we prayed for you guys. he thinks he’s going to see you at church tomorrow.

    we love you like family and will miss you terribly. we can be there in a flash-so call us when you’re ready.
    lots of love,
    the adamsons

  2. Thanks for the update! But since we are talking glossaries–what does CLL mean (I figure it is something like crappy, lame leukemia)? I know I could google it, but asking you is more fun…

  3. wow – could God have provided a more perfect place for you to stay in? so glad you are settling in and you were able to sleep in yesterday. I’m sure you both needed that. praying everything goes well today as you are admitted. hugs.

  4. Whazzup…..

    Well Todd, I found your blog. How very hip of you. I’m glad to hear you’re eating well. Let me know if you want me to smuggle you some Wienerschnitzel. I haven’t been there since that fateful trip when we lived together.

    I’ll be sure to keep up on things around here. I’m liking the site so far, but if you post any more pics of you modeling hospital gowns, I might never come back. Good luck and keep in touch. Cya.


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