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3,100x = 20,000

X = ? Who remembers their simple algebra? It isn’t much of a contest, I know.

When I first started the treatment for CMV, tests showed 3100 copies of the virus. I don’t know why they use the term “copies”. Any virologists out there who can shed some light on this? Anyway, the test from Monday showed 20,000 copies. Obviously, the docs were concerned, and brought in Dr. Ho from the infectious diseases department. She met with us this morning at the ITA.

Dr. Ho’s advice was that the dose of foscarnet (5 grams) I’ve been getting twice a day for the past two weeks is inadequate. The docs said that they gave me that dose because my kidney function wasn’t great at the time I started. However, my kidney function now is better, so Dr. Ho recommended increasing the dose to 8 grams. My kidney function is tested three times a week, and the dose will be adjusted as necessary to protect my kidneys from serious damage. I’ll continue on the double days until the CMV tests show no copies of the virus.

In addition, they want to give me more IVIG. Instead of three days in a row, this time I’ll get the three doses separated by a day or two. I had the first dose today. The next dose will be Friday, followed by the last dose on Monday. Supposedly, this stuff gives my immune system a little boost. It had better do something for $30k a pop.

Speaking of tests, here are today’s numbers:
WBC: 2.1
ANC: 0.85
HCT: 29.6
PLTS: 140

While these numbers aren’t great, they’re up from the past week. I still have to wear the mask and follow the low microbial diet. I am slowly working back into the dairy realm, and have graduated to the point of mixing real milk in with the soy milk on my cereal. I had forgotten how good real milk tastes, especially on Honeycomb. One of these days I’ll have a chilled glass with brownies or chocolate chip cookies.


15 Responses

  1. Hey man, At work again….. doing “work”. I think it is 6.4516, I can only go to the fourth decimal place in my head. So sorry I have not gotten on here of late to post. Been out of the office more often this past week or two, plus the nights are full of Lena. Karen has been working a bit more.

    Hey don’t you like those big chunk chips ahoy cookies? We will have to make a small donation to your food bank if that is alright.

    Well I hope that things are going well. After today it will be one less day to stay down there. I guess if you come home
    for the weekend it will be very low key. Just you two would be best. Looking forward to your return my friend
    Prayers for you

  2. Hey Todd,
    Not sure why they call it “copies” for sure but I think it has to do with “replicating” DNA. I seriously don’t understand this whole process that you are going through but I am blessed that you have shared it with us. I am proud to be a member of your “team” that God has rallied together. You have an incredible amount of professionals, prayer warriors, relatives, church family and friends that daily intercede on your behalf daily. I hope you are able to “feel” all the love and more importantly accept it as that part isn’t easy either. Continuing to pray for healing, and for breaks to laugh to lift the heaviness of it all. Make your yoke be light. Love Patty

  3. hey there. you’ll get no help from me on the simple algebra-i can hardly help The GreenHouse kids with 5th/6th math.
    (a little emabarassing most days).

    i hope you got the pictures of abby’s b-day. i’ll be sending more soon. deanna managed to take over 400 so i’ll sort through and send you my fav’s 🙂 she got some really great shots that capture the day. we missed you and were thinking of you. especially when the guac and chips came out and the cooler was stocked with some brewskies 🙂

    we’re taking the kiddos to Discover Kingdom (formerly marine world) tomorrow so that should be fun! i have my 3 neices here and they all have been great. jack drives them crazy of course but they love him to pieces 🙂

    i was happy to see your counts are up and that they’re kicken up the foscarnet. i say let it roll so you can come home! oh and you’re worth every penny that other drug costs so don’t you forget it.

    now i have that crazy honeycomb song in my head! thanks a lot. back to you brother…
    “honeycomb’s BIG yeah yeah yeah, it’s not small…NO NO NO”
    take care,lots of hugs, miss you lots,

  4. Good morning. Sorry the news wasn’t as you hoped.

    I know when they considered doing another round of IVIG on Ty this spring I cringed but his numbers are better. The body really does not like trauma and it just takes its sweet time.

    Well day 360 was a good one at our house. Ty was cleared and declared 100% bone filled. He gets to keep his rod for life unless it bothers him, he decides to be a fighter pilot or a NASCAR driver, then they recommend he has it removed……something about impaling himself on it if he crashes……….have had enough of that thanks. Plenty of other career choices out there. Today he starts his new job at Target. Oh the joys of being a cart specialist! Jobs like that always make getting an education look good.

    Keep hanging in there. It sometimes takes a few tweaks here and there before your body is ready to participate in the program. Numbers may not be so good , but better kidney functions are great news and you gotta have that before the drug can do its thing at the level needed. Remember your body is a lot like algebra, you gotta have function before you can plug in the numbers. Don’t be too discouraged. Remember we have become used to the time of highspeed internet but your body was created for healing at a speed more like the US snail mail.

    Give everyone our best. I am off to try my hand at crock pickles…………this could be an experience. I found Mom’s recipes and they guys planted enough for the western half of the world………..the food bank may become a worthy recipient after pickle number 200……………….at least it isn’t zucchini.

    Aunt Dianne

  5. Hey there…sorry to hear about the increased doses…more time at the hospital…arrrrgh. Good thing you have your honeycomb to keep you in good spirits! If you re soon off your low-microbial diet you will have lots of “new” foods to keep you compant!
    I just got home from camping–had fun and got dirty! Perfect!
    Smiles, Darcy

  6. Hi Todd, Been at the computer out here in Pacific Grove and catching up on your journey, between bouts with Power Point. I am putting on a presentation for the girls at Mercy and trying to bring my tech skills up. Power Point is quite fun. I spent half of one day just playing with the animation and color schemes. Isn’t technology a wonder? I am such a caveperson!!! We are sorry to hear about the addtional miles that have been thrown into this marathon, but from the comments I have read, you have the love and support to see you the distance. Who would think that being too healthy can be a problem? Right now we hope for a rest break, the return of milk (although I personally think soy is awesome!) and some quality time back in Sacramento with Jen and friends. Love, Laddie and Brian

  7. hello! i was thinking that i’m ready for some pictures 🙂 any chance you could get that rolling? don’t tell me you’re too busy either you big slacker!
    so abby is pushing her walking toy around and her crawling days are numbered 😦
    a bunch of us went to six flags in vallejo and jack will now ride the kiddie rides. (last year he wasn’t havin any of that!) they’re growing up very fast-you better get home 🙂
    we all miss you and love you tons. can’t wait to see you!

  8. Well ole Nebraska is doing ok. Ty got his other clearance from the regular Dr. and his communicable disease specialist today. No restrictions, just common sense. Ty took his honey out to the outdoor theatre under the stars and Paul and I went to a movie. A nice break. Hope you are getting a chance to enjoy the weekend with loved ones.

    Aunt Dianne

  9. Someone warned me once that it’s dangerous to pray for patience, because God might give you circumstances that grow it. Just reading your story makes me feel so impatient for God to do something HUGE, and something NOW!!! I pray for healing, for encouragement, for a miracle. I don’t dare pray for patience. 😉

    You continue to be in our prayers…
    -Kerry & Max

  10. Hi Todd
    I woke up this morning and told my mommy about a dream I had last night. I told her that I dreamed that Todd was all better and eating cookies with me and we did not have to pray for him anymore. My mommy asked who made Todd all better and then I said to my momma “Well I think it was baby Jesus or something?” I can’t wait for you to come home
    See you soon
    3 1/2 years old
    and momma too

  11. Hopefully today was a day of rest for all of you. The infusion task does get tedious. I think sometimes we forget that God designed a day of rest for us. We stubborn humans always want to do something more. Rest was designed for our bodies, mind and spirit.

    Easy to say while Ty is off working 8 hours at Target. I was pleased that the management had no problems with him not working Sunday mornings with his church commitment. They were very supportive. I was more impressed he made that clear when he applied.

    Jen had a bad night last night. Got a late call and she had a really low blood sugar. I was so glad she had told her co-workers what to do to help her. They weren’t phased by her MADD TV alter ego Stuart when she starts her “I don’t wanna” stubborn phase. It is so easy to get busy and put off that eating, insulin thing. I am sure she will enjoy her day of rest tomorrow.

    Uncle Paul actually went shopping voluntarily this afternoon. I know he must have been under the influence of some unknown chemical, but I will take it when I can. I am sure he will be down for the count napping before I finish typing.

    I am off to bake some banana bread and take a few meals to 2 families from church then it is is the recliner and the Sunday paper for me!

    Rest, Peace,
    Aunt Dianne

  12. (oops, left this on the wrong day. Dang bifocals.)Originally sent this morning.

    OK this CANNOT turn into the Aunt Dianne blog so I thought I would pretend to be Todd and post some optional updates in order to keep that needed support generating.

    Option 1: Wanted to let you all know I had a wonderful weekend with my bride…………..we were swinging from the chandeliers………….use your imagination.

    Option 2: I really do suck at cards and am sick of losing to the Grandparents……….

    Option 3: I am sick of talking about me and the medical stuff. Talk to me about work, your weird tree questions, give me an opinion about the weekend sports, weather, anything but………..

    Glad you had a great weekend, I will ask them to let you win once in a while and the weather here is hot.

    I seem to keep busy doing all that Mom stuff, I can’t believe I actually have to go back to work in a few weeks and balance it all, but we super hero Moms somehow manage much to our own amazement. I plan to keep busy this afternoon while Ty returns to football. There is no contact, but today is a HUGE mental hurdle for us all. Talked to your Dad and Stephanie last night. It was good to hear how the rest of the family is doing. I am way to old to have the energy your sis needs with her little ones. God bless her. I am glad Karis had time off for a quick move. At least she will feel settled before school starts up.

    I do expect that you will rent The Freedom Writers movie and watch all the behind scene segments before Paul gets there after being at the institute. I am sure you will have to help Grandpa with the DVD remote, I trust you can handle the techno task………..yep thats right, I just gave you a job……

    Aunt Dianne

  13. Hey Todd/Jen- I know I haven’t commented at all, but I was in Santa Rosa this past week and was driving home last night and got overwhelmed with a need to be in prayer for you…I have been reading your blogs and I appreciate you keeping all of us updated on everything. I have been praying a lot for you both and you all are in our thoughts here in Sac a lot…I will be dedicating this Thursday praying for you both so if their is anything that you need specifically on that day, please email me at kymdreher@gmail.com and I will be on it!
    Stay strong and know that you are not in this alone!

  14. Hey Todd,

    Last week I called Liz and asked for your snail mail addy so I could send a card.. I love cards.. they are so much fun.

    Anyway, when I looked at the address I realized the our homes are a short 8 blocks away from each other! I was out walking this weekend and as I crusied past your street I thought of you and Jenn.

    In case you are missing home I thought I’d give you an update! The trees are in full foilage. We truly live in an amazing neighborhood. I was cycling around on my pink Electra cruiser and the neighbors were out, watering their lawns in the shad eof the huge trees towering over the streets. Its so wonderful to have that small town feeling in the middle of a big city. McKinnely park rose garden is a little wilty from the hot sunny days we have had the last couple of weeks. Butthe roses are beautiful and smelled wonderful.

    I was wishing I had brought some bread to feed the ducks, the little kids running around being chased by the daring hungry birds… it’s always a sight to see.

    Back home in my little garden I pulled several huge zuchinni’s, cucumbers, the little pale yellow lemon variety, and some sincerely righteous tomatoes… beefsteaks this year! I think my life group(Steve & Amy Van Reissen) is sick of my garden already… not sure they ever want to see another zuch…. LOL…. I’m putting up some pickles and making salsa again this year so I’ll put your and Jenns name on a few jars and when you get home… drop me a line and I’ll bring them to you. Oh yeah Kirk & Marianne made killer zuchinni bread with some of the bounty… definately will pass on some of that as well.

    Continued prayers for your continued recovery, hope a little bit of home helps…. and enjoy the card!


  15. I’m like, “Phone? What phone? Where phone? iPhone?” Then I realized, you were being funny…until a few months ago, I carried a phone about as cumbersome as that one!

    Any new news on when you get home?
    Lots of love, Darcy

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