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Embryo transfer. It’s finally here!

I’m still in shock over the recent “Cancer Free” status.  In the last two weeks our day to day lives haven’t drastically changed, but I do notice a spring in my step and an overall deep gratitude to our Lord for the many ways He has provide for us and remained so faithful!  “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…” James 1:17  We have received so many gifts over the last 13 years, but this one takes the cake 🙂  Praise God for these gifts.

Speaking of gifts, we’re hoping for another small gift soon.  Maybe in the form of a baby?? 🙂  I’m scheduled for the transfer of one or two embryos this Thursday.  The fertility clinic thawed all 35 previously frozen embryos on Sunday and called to confirm that 32 survived.  You may be asking, “HOLY COW!!  Why the heck would they thaw all 35 embryos?” (at least that is what I asked :-)) The embryologist want to choose the most ideal or best embryo possible.  Because we have TONS to choose from, they thaw all of them, “grow” them out to day 3 (today) and then out to day 5 (Thursday).  Each day, at the same time, they monitor the growth/changes which occur.  If cellular division hasn’t occurred at a certain point like it should, that embryo is not considered for transfer. The clinic just called…Out of the 32 embryos, 29 have survived thus far. At this point, there should be 8 cells per embryo.  Out of the 29, there are 18 embryos that have between 7-9 cells which is considered “textbook” per the embryologist.  She said there were too many to chose from so they will decide and see me Thursday morning at 9 am for the consultation with the MD and the embryologist and then 10 am for the actual transfer which will take minutes.

Many people have been asking how many embryos they’ll/we’ll  implant.  I had a lengthy conversation with the doctor. Although I’m not opposed to two embryos being implanted, if the job can be done with one and that reduces the chances of multiples (40% chance for twins, 1% chance for triplets when two embryos are implanted), I’d rather one be implanted (60% chance of pregnancy). Right now, they will watch the embryos and see if they meet a specific set of criteria (timeliness of cellular division, and a whole host of others) and if they do, they will implant only one embryo.  If they do not, they will implant two.  The doctor said that using an embryo which has met these specific criteria holds the same statistics of a positive pregnancy as implanting two.  So, if the job can get done with one embryo, great!!! This will all be decided on Thursday morning before the procedure.  The rest of the unused, but still good embryos will then be frozen again.  Thankfully they are unlike meat, and can be frozen once thawed 🙂

We entrust all of these details to God, knowing He is the one ultimately in control.  We’d love for you to join us in prayer. Please pray for a smooth and successful transfer, for my body to receive this new life and continue to grow in a very healthy way.


3 Responses

  1. Sung to the tune of Santa Baby

    Momma Baby, put an egg into the dish – for me
    I’ve been an awful good egg, Momma Baby
    So hurry to the doctor’s tonight

    Daddy Baby, a birthday in two thousand -thirteen – would be
    So fun, so let the swimmers free, Daddy Baby
    So hurry to the doctor’s tonight

    Sister cutie, make some room around the house – for me
    We’ll have some fun and play together, sister cutie
    So tell the folks to hurry tonight

    I think of all the fun I’ve missed
    Think of all the fam & friends I haven’t kissed
    Next year everything will be very fine
    If Momma & Daddy are finally mine.

    Dear Jesus, we know that You’re the one in Charge
    But I am asking for your blessing Dear Lord,
    So hurry egg & swimmers unite!

  2. Go for two! All the cool kids are doing it! (kidding).

    Thursday sounds like a great day for a successful transfer. Love to you!

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