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IVF Round 2 results are in…

Wow…it’s been almost 6 9 months since our last post! We’ve been busy with life, just like everyone else. We took April off to decompress and process the negative results of Round 1. May, June and July had some scheduling conflicts, so we couldn’t do another embryo transfer at the optimum time. August worked out, and the embryo transfer happened on August 8. Just like the first time, we chose to transfer two embryos to increase the chances of success. My queen was required to have three days of bed rest due to the frailty of her precious cargo, so Nana and Baba came to visit and play with Darby. Jen had two blood tests about 8 and 10 days after transfer, and we found out on August 19 that she was pregnant! We were both very excited, and Darby was too!

We had to wait until September 3 for the first ultrasound to find out whether one or both embryos were successful. We really only wanted one, but knew there was a 20% chance of both attaching. We watched the screen with anticipation, and finally saw the answer: twins! Jen was more surprised than I was, for some reason. Maybe I’m more accustomed to getting results that might not be the norm?

After several phone calls to family to share the good news, we headed to a parents’ meeting for Darby’s preschool. Life goes on, right? Darby’s first day of preschool was the next day, so she was very excited! In the intervening two weeks, we’ve been getting over colds, prepping for and attending The GreenHouse’s major annual Kids At Heart fundraiser, going to a few evening meetings for work, and visiting family to celebrate one of my niece’s birthdays. Hence, the delay in writing this.

Note: the above text was written in September, and it’s now December. There are plenty of good reasons why this post hasn’t been finished, but I won’t bore you with them. They are the subject of another post. On to the rest of this story!

Jen had a regular prenatal appointment scheduled with her obstetrician two weeks ago, but it got cancelled because someone else was having a baby. It was rescheduled for Friday last week, and the 20-week ultrasound was already scheduled for yesterday. On Friday night, Jen told me that she saw “parts” in the quick ultrasound that her obstetrician did, and asked if I wanted to know what she saw or if I would rather wait until the official ultrasound today. She knows that I like to enjoy things like this in the moment, so I chose to wait until today’s appointment to find out the gender. She warned me that it might be hard for Darby to keep it a secret, though.

Fast forward to Saturday morning: we’re all sitting around the table eating breakfast together. Out of the blue, Darby says, “Dad! It’s a boy and a girl!” At that point, Jen filled me in on the details of her Friday appointment. The boy parts were clearly visible on Baby A, but Baby B wasn’t a sure thing because she wasn’t holding still and turned over while the obstetrician was trying to confirm her initial identification of girl parts.

On Monday morning, we went to the ultrasound appointment. The first surprise was for the ultrasound technician, who didn’t know we were having twins. She was caught off guard when she saw two babies, and said, “Ummmm….” We quickly assured her that we knew about the twins. The next surprise was for us. As the ultrasound technician was taking the pictures she needed, she casually verbalized what was visible on the screen, “Baby A is a boy, and…Baby B is a boy.”

What?!?!?!  Even though we weren’t totally confident in the obstetrician’s quick ultrasound reading, we were already thinking about a boy and a girl. In our minds, we didn’t expect to be told anything else this morning! I have a feeling that this won’t be the last surprise. If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last 13 years, it’s that God is in control, despite what we think is going to happen. We wouldn’t have it any other way!! Praising Him with all the good gifts that only He can bless us with!


2 Responses

  1. YAYAYAYAYAY! Two boys! Now I want a belly picture!

  2. VERY excited for all of you~and praying that the remainder of Jen’s pregnancy goes on without any complications! Are you SURE they only implanted 2 fertilized eggs????

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